Birthday Invitation

To design a unique and bespoke birthday invitation for a very special event.

About the project -

The client requested a very special and unique birthday card invitation to accompany her truly unique invitation. The theme was centered around the client having a strong sense of British patriotism and the whole celebration was to be given a proms in the park type feel. The invites were given a heavily influenced union jack feel. The envelopes accompanying the invites were truly bespoke with the union jack being printed on the inside to add a touch of luxury and add to the vintage feel the client was looking for. The end result was a truly unique invite whereby the guests were sent a hamper which contained all the elements they would need for a british picnic. A one off type or commission which we at KR Design were really happy to be a part of. The invites were all hand crafted and finished including the envelopes. All stationery has been printed on GFSmith Colorplan Bright White.