To create a new range of mints for the finest selection which would incorporate different sized packages and flavours and to produce conceptual ideas for a special Tesco christmas gift range.

About the project -

Using a range of colours from the different flavours, a thin striped effect was added to the outside of the boxes and foil blocked elements to the acetate lids to give it a more prestigious feeling. The end result was received well and the design was incorporated into other ranges. The design still exists on the shelves today. Seasonal periods of the year always tend to bring out special gift packs and items. Tesco required their seasonal packs to be updated to a modern level. Using only plastic to wrap each item or items up and rivets to seal the packs off, this modular concept gave the public 100% visual coverage of each item and the new look swingtags with a specially generated star pattern finished off each piece perfectly.